Tourism in confiscated properties

Ccc in collaboration with the cooperatives that supply products to the GSA Vi 45 (NCO – Nuova Cooperazione organizzata, Antica Passione, Cooperativa Sociale Terre Grecaniche, Consorzio Libera Terra Mediterraneo, Bottega Liberi per Natura, Cooperativa Lazzarelle, Cooperativa Semi di Vita, Cooperativa Sociale Esperanto, Cooperativa Sociale Della Terra e Farino/La Forza del Silenzio) launched tours aimed at rediscovering the Italian roots. These allow people to stay and visit social cooperatives operating in the field of solidarity. These tours include board and lodging and various activities such as visits to cultural sites near the cooperatives, tastings, activities to rediscover regional Italian traditions, etc.

According to Ccc, tourism can play an important role only if:

  • It is capable of reinforcing those cultural identities handed down from generation to generation that have become too vague and are at risk of disappearing
  • It becomes a vehicle of cultural values and civilisation;
  • It involves structures that are rooted in the territory and succeed in conveying values and solidarity.

These tours allow us to prove to Italians living abroad and foreigners that we do not represent the country of mafiosi, but rather the country of the Anti-Mafia, the country that fights and overcomes mafia and builds a better future for all.

We propose tours connecting tourists with those who have suffered and still suffer the weight of oppression and violence, where there are, however, structures that have fought and are fighting against organised crime.

We propose tours in those areas where organised crime in its various forms, camorra (Campania), ‘ndrangheta (Calabria), sacra corona unita (Puglia) or other forms of crime, has dominated and sometimes still dominates. 

We propose these tours to stand alongside those who are fighting to regain possession of their lands, their traditions, their values, and to pass them on to those who, also because of these criminal phenomena, have been forced to leave. 

This proximity not only gives important support to those who fight against organised crime – which is now present in all the important nodes of our societies – but it will also allow tourists to understand the mechanisms and (un)values of these criminals.

These tours also allow:

  • to discover unique cultural treasures and wonderful landscapes, many off the usual circuits of mass tourism, creating new development opportunities for often depressed territories, in a sustainable manner and without impacting the environment and local populations.
  • to experience tastings, learning preparation processes for preserves and traditional foods, which could be repeated back home.
  • to create stable links between those who stay and fight, those who have left and/or those who have only heard about these territories but want to strengthen their cultural roots, discovering often hidden cultural and social treasures of our country.

If you want to see an example of these tours click here.