The “ndrangheta” did not even leave a shovel to work the land.” WE want to give real support to the commitment for legality!

Let’s show our active solidarity to the Cooperative “Terre Grecaniche”, repeatedly attacked by the ‘ndrangheta (Calabrian mafia), by buying its products:

  • Wine Aranghìa 2015 – Price: € 6,00 / Bottle,
  • Heraklion Wine 2015 aged in barrels – Price: € 10,00 / Bottle,
  • Organic wine Calanchi 2018 – Price: € 7,00 / Bottle,
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil (0,50 litres) – Price: € 6,00 / Bottle.

On Saturday 7 March 2020, once again, the ‘ndrangheta showed its “muscles” by destroying all the equipment of the Cooperative Terre Grecaniche of the Agricultural Fund of Palizzi (Reggio Calabria), for a value of about 100,000 euros.

The Cooperative’s commitment to legality, sustainable development and employment, even if it cannot produce quantitatively significant impacts in the Grecanica area, is a model and a positive experience that points to a possible way forward.

In order to strengthen the democratic economic fabric, the Cooperative Terre Grecaniche participates in several community networks (being a member of Banca Popolare Etica, Consorzio Sociale Macramè, Pucambù – Agenzia per lo Sviluppo del Turismo Sostenibile della Calabria Greca, Associazione ABC – Associazione Biologica Calabria and participating in the “Reggio Libera Reggio” network promoted by the Associazione Libera).

The wines and oils of the Terre Grecaniche cooperative are promoted and sold, together with other products of the legal, social and solidarity economy, in the fair trade shop of the Macramè Consortium “Free by Nature” in Reggio Calabria.

The ‘ndrangheta cannot admit that in “its” territories, legality and solidarity bear fruit and resort to its oppressive procedures!

Today, the effects of the destruction of the means of production are amplified by the devastating effects of the corona virus pandemic.

In order to survive, the cooperative needs to immediately purchase new agricultural machinery and equipment to replace those that have been stolen.

We cannot remain INDIFFERENT.

We therefore propose to counter the criminal activities of the ‘ndrangheta by helping the cooperative to buy the production tools and thus continue the CONCRET fight against organized crime by creating honest and legal work.

The best way to show our active solidarity is to buy their products.


Let us know (by filling in the form below or by sending a message to how many products you want and the total amount).


We will forward your orders to the Cooperativa Agricola Terre Grecaniche, which will make a grouped shipment to Brussels. The products ordered will then be available at Vi45 (Vi45, rue de la Victoire 45, B 1060 Brussels).

In this way, let us help those who fight day by day to build a society based on solidarity and participation without the oppression of organised crime.

Armand                             Judith                              Franco

Annex 1: Denunzia Carabinieri (08.03.2020)

Annex 2: Lettera Franco Iannello (29.03.2020)

Annex 3: Presentazione Cooperativa Terre Grecaniche


The technical data sheets of the wines can be found on the website (

The campaign page

* The Cooperativa Agricola Terre Grecaniche, will make a single shipment of the requested products.

* In order to dispose of the products of the Cooperativa Terre Grecaniche, please fill in the attached form.

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