Dear friends,

the support you provided to the Cooperative Terre Grecaniche, by bying their products, has been very important. If you wish, you can still order products, by filling in the form below, or by sending a message to ““, indicating, the products, your name, e-mail address, telephone, and the amount to pay. The products are expected to arrive early June.

We will forward your orders to the Cooperativa Agricola Terre Grecaniche, which will make a grouped shipment to Brussels. The products ordered will then be available at Vi45 (Vi45, rue de la Victoire 45, B 1060 Brussels).

In this way, let us help those who fight day by day to build a society based on solidarity and participation without the oppression of organised crime.

Armand                             Judith                              Franco

Annex 1: Denunzia Carabinieri (08.03.2020)

Annex 2: Lettera Franco Iannello (29.03.2020)

Annex 3: Presentazione Cooperativa Terre Grecaniche


The technical data sheets of the wines can be found on the website (

The campaign page

* The Cooperativa Agricola Terre Grecaniche, will make a single shipment of the requested products.

* In order to dispose of the products of the Cooperativa Terre Grecaniche, please fill in the attached form.

Rue la Victoire, 45
B-1060 Bruxelles





Bank account CCC: BE45 0688 9934 1789


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