GSA Vi45

GSA Vi45 is an ethical purchasing group offering products of absolute excellence, which result from social struggles, at fair prices.

The cooperatives and consortia involved operate in Campania, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily. All these actors promote social struggles such as the reuse of properties confiscated from criminal organisations, employment opportunities for fragile individuals, support for factories taken over by the workers of relocated companies, etc.

Solidarity, legality and participation are the principles that guide the actions of all GSA Vi45 partners.

GSA Vi45 can therefore ensure that the products resulting from social struggles are respectful of women’s and men’s work as well as of all legislation on illegal gangmastering. The productions have a limited environmental impact and reach the highest quality through organic cultivation.

All products are offered at a price close to cost – while guaranteeing the resources necessary for travel insurance and the promotion of the products on Belgian territory – and this is possible thanks to the voluntary work of the Brussels-based supporters of Ccc.

Products purchased by members residing in Belgium are distributed by Vi45 volunteers and can be collected at rue de la Victoire, 45 1060 St. Gilles.

Products purchased by members residing in Ile-de-France are distributed by Crim’HALT and can be collected from 49 rue de la Marée 95320 Saint Leu La foret.