Fare un pacco alla camorra.

“Fare un pacco” is a typical Neapolitan expression.

Its origin is quite recent.

Indeed, when the good “bourgeois”, who thought they were clever, went to the markets in Naples (Forcella, Duchesca, etc.) to buy contraband and goods “fallen from the trucks”, after long negotiations they managed to obtain the desired good (camera, binoculars, radio, etc.) at an unbeatable price (half or even less of the store price).

The seller, normally in front of the door of a store or building entrance, would put the item in a wrapping paper and while the buyer was taking out the money, with exceptional skill, tipically “Neapolitan”, would replace the package (pacco) with the purchased item wrapped with a similar package provided by the accomplice who was behind the door. This new package (pacco) contained only one brick, but of the same weight of the desired object.

So, the buyer, believing he was doing the business of his life, was getting screwed.

From here the sentence ” fare un pacco “.

In 1993, Nanni Loy made a film on the subject “Pacco, doppio pacco e contropaccotto”.

“Fare un pacco alla camorra” means, therefore, to get a bad fuck at the camorra.

The NCO[1] (Nuova cooperazione organizzata), which produces and prepares the “Pacco”, is also a joke because the NCO[2] (Nuova camorra organizzata) was the formidable camorra organization of “don” Raffaele Cutolo, the first to try to give a pyramidal structure to the different camorra clans.

NCO products, which are found in the “Pacco”, are obtained in enterprises and/or on land confiscated at the camorra, managed by social cooperatives[3].


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