European network against organised crime supporting those actors managing assets confiscated from mafia
Ccc was founded on 8 November 2012 to promote the construction of a network of civil society and institutions against organised crime. It still fights for the affirmation of a social and participatory economy, especially among young people, and the birth of a new culture in regions that are, or have been, characterised by a strong presence of organised crime.

Our History
In the aftermath of the murder of the regional secretary of the PCI (Italian Communist Party) in Sicily, Pio La Torre, and his collaborator Rosario Di Salvo on 30 April 1982, the Italian Parliament passed the Rognoni-La Torre law, which provided for the confiscation of property without imposing a social purpose.
In 1996, following the collection of signatures in support of the popular initiative law promoted by Libera, Parliament passed Law 109/96 promoting the social reuse of confiscated properties. This law revamped the momentum of the anti-mafia movement. The latter, since then, has had the possibility to manage confiscated properties. The aim has been twofold: to free territories from mafia power and promoting decent work and the development of socially responsible companies.
In this context, Ccc decided to create a European network at the political and institutional heart of Europe with the aim of:

  • supporting those actors managing assets confiscated from mafia in Campania, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily;
  • proving to citizens that transparent, sustainable and democratic development that fosters economic and social growth is possible;
  • strengthening, among citizens, trust in the role of cooperatives and other social economy enterprises;
  • joining forces of civil society and social economy actors across Europe to defeat the economic influence of organised crime;
  • raising awareness among EU citizens of the growing threat to democracy and the rule of law posed by cross-border organised crime;
  • exporting the model of reuse of assets confiscated from mafias (L. Rognoni-La Torre) throughout Europe.

If you want to know more about the mission and objectives of Culture against Camorra (Ccc), you can read the Statute & the Manifesto.